Family Violence


Nobody likes to talk about it, but family violence is an unfortunate reality in our society. With work, stress, drugs, and alcohol, things happen that we wish we could take back.

The police come, you go to jail, and you're branded forever. If you're charged with family violence in Ector County, Andrews County, Crane County, Winkler County, Midland County, or anywhere in the Permian Basin or West Texas, our staff is here to help you take a deep breath, gather yourself together, and figure this out.

Our domestic violence lawyers have numerous sources that can get you help and will help you show the court that this will not happen again. Don't spend 10 years of your life in prison for this. Let our team of domestic violence lawyers at Fostel Law help you fight your case and get your family's life back on track. Whenever you are ready to get started, simply call the experienced family violence lawyer in Andrews, Kermit, and Odessa, TX; we look forward to assisting you soon!


• Nearly 20 Years of Court Experience • Knowledgeable, Trustworthy Team • We Care About Your Wellbeing • And More

Fostel Law specializes as a criminal defense attorney, and is commonly praised for displaying true dedication to clients. If you've been arrested on a domestic violence charge, our firm is the only 24-hour bail bonds service in the Andrews, Kermit, and Odessa, TX area that also operates as a law firm. That means we will be able to get started on building your defense and working your case immediately upon your release. There is a comfort in knowing that your domestic violence lawyer has been there with you from the very beginning of the situation and is invested in your freedom and rights. If you find yourself facing such an unfortunate scenario, make Fostel Law your first call!

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